Team size?

Maximum a team of 6. Solo is okay.

Alpha or Beta?

Self assessment. We recommend those who attended other hackathons, and continued their projects with market attempts with real users, to join Beta. Depending on the maturity, we might shift Beta submission to Alpha.

Entry fee?

It's free of charge! Alpha and Beta are virtual, you can build anywhere anytime.

Is there any offline hackathon?

We wished, but probably next year. If you are an event organizer, hosting an offline hackathon or dev-focused workshops anywhere in the world, feel free to contact us for collaboration.

When would the shortlisted result be announced?

Rolling basis. You're adviced to submit a project as early as possible. And you should receive the news in Dec.

How do I and my team access to the conference of the HK Web3 Month?

All valid project submissions, for both Alpha and Beta, will be granted FREE access to the conference on Nov 6 - 7. As builders ourselves, we support tech talent, young entrepreneurs, and early-stage startup founders, offering a friendly platform for networking, and learning the latest web3 topics. You MUST reserve a ticket indiviudally upfront.

Any travel stipend to offline sessions?

Participants have to arrange their flights, accommodations, and travel expenses.

Get involved?

We are looking for community supporters, track sponsors, overall event sponsors, VC judges, tech mentors, media, onsite volunters and any partners who share a common goal of brewing the next generation of web3 builders and impactful startup companies. Let's talk!

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